AP alone contributes 43% of Marine exports from India : FIEO

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 06-01-2017        Tweet

VISAKHAPATNAM: Marine products exports from India touched 4.6 billion US dollars last year and Andhra Pradesh alone contributed 43 per cent of the export turn over said Mr Unnikrishnan, Joint Deputy Director General of Federation of Indian export organisation FIEO while addressing the Niryat Bandhu program on Marine Clusters for exporters.

Export from the Southern State was around two billion US dollars he said adding the Andhra Pradesh Government provided excellent support to the industry to grow. With the continued support of the State Government the share of Andhra Pradesh in marine product exports is expected to cross fifty per cent during the current financial year.

The total exports from Andhra Pradesh was around 5.7 billion US dollars. The State has huge potential in agro and food processing industry, textiles and pharmaceuticals.

Mr Unnikrishnan said FIEO has plans to develop product specific centers in each district of the State with the support of the local chambers of commerce and trade associations.

On stepping up marine product exports from the Country he said the exporters should upgrade their quality to meet the higher standards demanded in countries with huge potential like Europe and United States. Exporters may also be required to register with authorities like FDA since there are regulations pertaining to factory certification for traceability.

Officials from FIEO, Director General of Foreign Trade, ECGC, Customs and Marine Product Export Development Authority besides Andhra Bank spoke at the Niryat bandhu meeting held at Visakhapatnam according to a FIEO release.