Customs agreement with Uruguay gets Cabinet nod

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 06-01-2017        Tweet

NEW DELHI: The Cabinet recently gave it’s nod for signing and ratifying an agreement between India and Uruguay on cooperation and mutual assistance in customs matters, an official statement said.

The two countries would share information to prevent and investigate customs offences under the agreement, which is expected to facilitate trade and efficiency clearance of rated goods.

The agreement would also look at several issues such as correctness of the customs value declared, the authenticity of certificates of origin of goods and the description of the goods traded between the two countries.

Pact with Portugal

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) between India and Portugal in the field of agriculture has also received Cabinet nod. Under the agreement the two nations would exchange scientific and technical information, trade in plants and plant products, exchange information on phytosanitary issues, conduct training programmes, seminars and visits of experts and consultants.

The deal would remain in force for five years, with automatic extension at the end of that time, unless either Country seeks to terminate it.

A similar agreement on agriculture between India and Kenya has also received Cabinet nod.