SM Line formally launches after taking over assets from Hanjin Shipping

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 11-01-2017        Tweet

SEOUL: SM Line which had newly entered the container business by acquiring Hanjin Shipping's assets officially launched after completing the organization of its structure.

SM Line announced on January 8 that the company held its official inauguration ceremony with the participation of President Kim Chil-bong and about 200 employees in the Seoul metropolitan area in Yoido, Seoul on January 6.

The shipping company will gradually secure 12 container ships in the first half of this year and start its liner business in March. Therefore, SM Line became one of Korea’s only two ocean-going shipping companies along with Hyundai Merchant Marine Co.

On the other hand, SM Line shook its organization and implemented personnel appointments on January 5. First, its organization slimmed down its headquarters into two headquarters, 19 teams and one part and operates 12 branches and 8 offices in major producers and consumers such as Korea, the United States, China, India, and Vietnam. Its headquarters is located in Yeoido.

It was confirmed that a total of 251 employees were assigned to operate each unit. SM Line will hire more crew members and overseas staff members mainly among former Hanjin Shipping employees as soon as vessels are secured and branches and sales offices are established.