MOL formulates New Management Plan "Rolling Plan 2017"

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 03-05-2017        Tweet

TOKYO: Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President & CEO: Junichiro Ikeda) has formulated a new management plan starting from fiscal 2017.

In formulating the plan, it first devised a vision for the MOL Group ten years from now (2027), along with a long-term course for management, and then drafted three-year and long-term business strategies to realize this vision. This process was followed considering the major upheaval in the business environment surrounding MOL and the maritime transport industry. The main thrust of the plan is to reinvent the business portfolio in tandem with enhancing financial strength by strategically allocating resources to carefully selected business fields. The plan will be named "Rolling Plan 201X," according to the year, and is scheduled to be reviewed annually.

1.            Vision for the MOL Group Ten Years from Now (2027)

•             The MOL Group will provide stress-free services that are truly convenient for customers worldwide, with the aim of serving customers as a solid and reliable partner at all times.

•             The Group will develop the environment and emission-free businesses into one of its future core operations.

•             The Group will strategically allocate resources to carefully selected businesses that have a clear competitive edge. The goal is to make the MOL Group a collection of businesses boasting the highest competitiveness in their respective fields.

2.            Strategies for Realizing the Vision

•             Carefully select opportunities for new investments and pursue business models focused on cash flow

•             Prioritize resources to develop and defend business fields

•             Group-wide priorities for strengthening the MOL Group

Marine technical skills : Provide services that fully harness the MOL Group's marine technical skills

ICT: Provide visualization of maritime operations (safe and optimal vessel operation) and added value to customers

Technology development : Push ahead with the ISHIN NEXT - MOL SMART SHIP PROJECT - (advanced support technologies for safer vessel operation and technologies for reducing environmental impact)

Environment : Develop and promote environment and emission-free businesses as innovative, future core businesses by staying on top of changes in the external environment

Work style reforms : Enhance human resources competitiveness and achieve innovation through an organizational culture that encourages employees to work vibrantly and productively