Transindia Logistic Park - case study for excellence in CFS Facilities

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 09-02-2013        Tweet


NAVI MUMBAI: Transindia Logistic Park which started operations at JNPT, Mumbai recently is considered a state-of-the-art container freight station in the country.

And bearing testimony to this is the award won by Conserve Infratech, the company behind the construction of this facility. It has won a prestigious award at the 3rd EPC World Awards held in Delhi on December 15th, 2012.

Adjudged by Ernst & Young, the award is a recognition to the exceptional contribution to infrastructure and construction in the logistics sector.

Transindia Logistic Park was considered as a benchmark for the quality and speed of construction during the evaluation process for this award.

Transindia Logistic Park is one of the most hi-tech Container Freight Stations in India. It has been built on a total area of 27 acres of fully developed concrete facility. The 2,75,000 sqft warehousing facility functioning today is among the single largest warehouse unit in the region, and a further addition of 2,00,000 sqft expected to be built will make it among the largest continuous warehouses of this quality in the country.

 Technology is at the core of the CFS and it is fully RFID enabled, making sure that the customer spends minimum time to trace the containers. It is also among the first Container Freight Stations in the country to have brand new RTGS cranes.

The whole CFS has been designed to provide highest quality and efficiency to the customers. Safety is of high priority at the CFS and it follows the highest standards set by OSHAS. The operations are also ISO certified.

Customers visiting the facility are very impressed with the quality of the facility and the staff. The export and import operations have started at the CFS. 

APL one of the largest shipping line has been impressed with the facility, and felt assured that using the services of Transindia CFS would help them ensure higher services to their customers.

APL is among the first customers to use the facility for their container movement. The 1st import loaded containers nominated by APL arrived at the new Transidia CFS couple of weeks back. 

The first container movement by APL at Transindia Logistic Park was flagged off at a traditional ceremony on the 21st of January 2013 at the Transindia CFS, Mr Anil Radhakrishnan MD of

APL India, Capt R P Shroff  Director Network and Ops, Mr Anil Singh  Manager Operations and Mr Swaran Singh  Manager CFS Operations, were at hand to welcome APL's boxes into the Transindia CFS.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Radhakrishnan, MD of APL commented, “Transindia CFS is an excellent facility and we are happy to work with them”.