Avashya Foundation's CSR Initiatives benefiting the society

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 29-07-2015        Tweet

MUMBAI: As our Country moves into a more inclusive growth towards economic development and prosperity, the responsibility of each citizen also grows with it. No longer a citizen is a single entity in a democratic society like ours. He is part of the society which needs to nurture and spread opportunities, benefits, awareness and most important of all extend his or her hand for supporting those who need guidance and assistance.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a pillar for sustaining the consistent development of human beings in a society, especially like India. One of the epitomes of CSR initiatives in the logistics and shipping industry supporting this cause has been Allcargo Logistics, with its programs under the Avashya Foundation. Allcargo's achievements in the CSR sphere has been unparalleled in terms of initiatives benefiting the society.

Under its flagship initiative with a focus on providing timely and critical medical support, Allcargo started first of its kind program 'Jeevan' in Mumbai's largest municipal hospital 'Sion' public hospital in 2013. Under Jeevan, the foundation supports underprivileged citizens by providing them with medicine, operation support, illness investigation as well as guidance. This program is operated with a dedicated desk of Allcargo at Sion hospital every Thursday, wherein the social work department of the hospital recommends patients as well as families of patients who need assistance from the desk. The foundation then provides the necessary support to these citizens. Till date over 3,500 people have benefited from this program.

Extending this CSR initiative, Avashya Foundation also started the 'Jeevan Coping with Cancer' program in 2013 with Nair hospital in Mumbai. This program provides support for patients suffering from Cancer. A dedicated desk is organized every Tuesday and Friday wherein underprivileged patients are given assistance in Chemo Therapy, Psycho socio counseling & educational support to know more about Cancer. Patients are recommended to the program by the oncology department of Nair hospital and thus are guided by Avashya Foundation's team.

Till date over 2,000 citizens have benefited from this program.