Global schedule reliability in September reaches all-time high : Sealntel

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 06-11-2015        Tweet

LONDON: SeaIntel Maritime Analysis, a leading market intelligence provider in the container shipping industry, examined the global schedule reliability during the YTD period of 2015 and found that the global schedule reliability reflected two positive aspects in the industry: the average delay for late vessels has come down and performance has increased in the East/West trades.

Global schedule reliability in September continued the upwards trajectory prevailing during the YTD period of 2015, recording an all-time high since SeaIntel started to measure schedule reliability in July 2011, says a release on 3 Nov ’15. On-time performance improved by 4.6 percentage points from August and 13 percentage points compared to September 2014, reaching a score of 86%, according to SeaIntel’s industry-leading Global Liner Performance report (based on 11,792 vessel arrivals in September). The Y/Y increase corresponds to the highest ever seen over the last four years.

As a result of the improved global schedule reliability, the average delay for late vessels has come down to the lowest average level, decreasing to 3.30 days in September from 3.51 days in August, and 3.82 days in September 2014.

“If we look at the development in 2015, it is definitely good news for both shippers and carriers that global schedule reliability has increased 18.7 percentage points since January this year. The global improvement has clearly been driven by the performance increases of the East/West trades where 6 out of the 8 East/West trade lanes have reached the highest level of 2015 in September.” said Mr. Eligio Fanigliulo, Shipping Analyst at SeaIntel.

The September increase in global schedule reliability is clearly reflected among the Top 20 carriers, as all Top 20 carriers have recorded an increase in performance from August to September between 2.6 to 8.1 percentage points. MOL is for the second consecutive month the top scorer of the Top 20 carriers, achieving an on-time performance of 92.6%, followed by K-Line at 90.7% and APL at 90.5%.

On a trade lane level, the largest increases were found in the Middle East-Asia and Asia Indian Subcontinent trade lanes, both improving by 11 percentage points to 85.6% and 81.4%, respectively. Schedule reliability in the Asia-USWC trade lane improved 10 percentage points from August to the highest level of 2015 of 77% in September. In the Asia-USEC trade lane, on-time performance remained unchanged at 82%. In Asia-North Europe schedule reliability continued to decrease slightly by 1 percentage point, nevertheless remaining at a high level of 90.4%.

Among the main trade lanes, Asia-Mediterranean has reached a staggering all-time high score of 91.8%, showing a consistent high stable level of schedule reliability over the past five months.

The September figure represents an increase of 3.8 percentage points from August and the highest Y/Y improvement in the trade of 26.3 percentage points from 65.5% in September 2014. For the third consecutive month Hamburg Süd was the most reliable carrier in the trade lane in September 2015 with a perfect score of 100%, followed by MOL at 99% and APL, HMM and NYK at 98.6% respectively.