India asks US to ease import norms for Mango exports

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 23-02-2017        Tweet

NEW DELHI: The Indian Government has urged the US lawmakers to ease the phytosanitory norms that have hit India’s exports of mangoes to the Western Country.

In the recent past, there have been instances of India’s consignments of the fruit being returned by the US for alleged non-adherrence to the phytosanitory norms. “A US law delegation, on a visit to India, has agreed to carry out the checks in India,” said a Commerce Ministry official. Currently, these tests are done in the US.

“We will set up two centres for all the checks. If the consignment fulfills the criteria then it would be sent to the US, else it would be returned to the exporter,” the official added.

Till 2006, Indian mangoes were banned from the US market over fears that pests would be imported through these mangoes. In March 2006, the then President George W Bush, during his India visit signed an agreement to allow the import of Indian mangoes to the US.

However, the export of Indian mangoes to the US has failed to pick up on fears of maintaining standards, the official said.