JNPT welcomes Traffic Managers of 12 Major Ports to see Ease of Doing Business Initiatives

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 17-03-2017        Tweet

NAVI MUMBAI: JNPT is at the fulcrum of implementing various initiatives in creating more value for the trade.

Such initiatives had significant impact on performance of the Port and overall Port ecosystem. A knowledge sharing session for the Traffic Managers of all the Major Ports was held on 6th March at JNPT to share the learnings of the Port authority in managing congestion and implementing various Ease of Doing Business initiatives. The delegation was welcomed by Shri Anil Diggikar, IAS, Chairman, JNPT, Shri Neeraj Bansal, IRS, Dy.  Chairman, JNPT and other senior Port officials.

Congestion has been a pertinent problem faced by most of the Major Ports and JNPT faced a more severe one. In spite of working out various measures the problem of congestion was not getting resolved. Trade was facing lot of difficulties and financial losses due to increase in transaction time and cost. Trade associations and customers frequently complained to not just the Port authority but at Ministry level too.

JN Port initiated series of discussion with all the stakeholders involved at various levels to arrive at a solution to reduce the congestion. Various initiatives like Inter Terminal movement of Tractor Trailers reducing 10% cargo & rail incentive reducing 4% cargo from JNPT were introduced which turned highly successful in reducing the congestion and helped in optimal utilization of the available infrastructure.

JNPT also has been the first port in implementing RFID based gate automation process which has standardised the gate processes resulting in reduction of gate-in time. Along with these there have been other initiatives, where JN Port has taken lead in implementing like Logistics data bank tagging for tracking of containers, installation of radiological detection equipment at all the gates, Direct Port Delivery, Direct Port entry, etc. The success stories of all these initiatives were shared with the Traffic Manager of all the Major Ports, so that there is uniformity in all the Ports in implementing trade friendly initiatives. JN Port also shared their experience in handling anxiety of the Trade which was very crucial in reducing congestion, as due to unpredictability of time Trade had started sending their consignments much in advance, aggravating the congestion problem.

Frequent discussion with the Trade bodies and keeping them involved in working out solutions for reducing congestion helped significantly in creating synergy amongst all the stakeholders and increase confidence on the Port ecosystem

The delegation was given a detailed presentation on Ease of Doing Business initiatives along with Gate Automation by Chief Manager(Traffic), Dr. Unnikrishnan Nair, and were also taken for a Port Tour to show the practical implementation of initiatives at ground level. The delegation congratulated JNPT team for taking lead in implementing various trade friendly initiatives and thanked for sharing the best business practices which would help them in implementing at their respective Ports for the overall benefit of the Export-Import Trade.