JNCH highlights procedures for submitting "Advance intimation" of atleast 72 hrs from importer availing DPD facility to Shipping Lines

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 20-03-2017        Tweet

NAVI MUMBAI: JNCH has come out with the Procedure for submitting “advance intimation” of at least 72 hours from importer availing DPD Facility to Shipping Lines via its Public Notice No 33 dated 15th March 2017. The order says, 

I.             Advance intimation is required to be submitted by importer through their official email id to shipping line at least 72 hours in advance informing the details such as Bill of Lading Number, Details of consignment, DPD Client Code” allotted by Terminal Operator & Preferred CFS and its Code;( will be known as “stacking Code” ). In the aforesaid intimation, DPD importer may authorize “Customs Broker” to complete other procedural formalities on his behalf else Importer would be responsible for completing such formalities.

ii.             Copy of said advance intimation should be sent to Customs, concerned CFS / Transporter & Terminal Operator.

iii.            JNPT is already preparing to logistic solution in the form of “engaging 5- 7 major transporters” who will provide transport services to DPD Clients in efficient manner and evacuation of containers from Terminal will take place on best pick up basis. DPD Importers can avail the aforesaid logistic solution as and when available. Whenever such logistic solution is available, DPD Importer will have option to avail the services of any of the aforesaid Transporters and indicate the code of such Transporter as “stacking code”.

iv.           DPD Importers have the alternative option to submit “Original copy of Bill of Lading”, duly endorsed to shipping line 72 hour in advance and indicate “stacking Code”. They can obtain advance e-do by submitting “Original copy of Bill of Lading” in advance.

There has been requests / representations from DPD Importers, BCHAA, other members from trade & industries to allow also allow “Authorised Customs Broker” to submit aforesaid intimation in addition to Importer.

This issue was discussed with CSLA, DPD Importers, BCHAA & other members from trade & industries. It has been decided that 72 Hours advance intimation may be submitted by “Authorised Customs Broker” provided:

i.              Duly scanned copy (colour) of “Authorisation by “DPD Importer” in favour of Customs Broker is attached. This Authorisation should contain “Customs Brokers full name & Address, CHA / CB No, Email address of Importer and email address of Customs Broker along with other requisite details as prescribed vide aforesaid Public Notice No 16/2017, dated 09.02.2017.

ii.             The email address as indicated in aforesaid “Authorisation letter” is used by Customs Broker in sending aforesaid Advance Intimation.

Iii.           Scanned Copy of DPD Permission given by Customs should also be attached.

Iv.           Copy of said advance intimation should also be sent to DPD Importer (email address as indicated in Authorisation) in addition to Customs, concerned CFS / Transporter & Terminal Operator.

It has been reported by CSLA that there are instances where for the same Container, multiple requests is made by DPD Importer / Customs Brokers. To avoid any such instance, it is being requested / advised that there should not be any instance where for the same Container, multiple contradictory requests are made by DPD Importer / Customs Brokers. If any such case reported by shipping line is found to be correct, DPD Importer may loose DPD Facility beside any other action against CB or Importer under law. Details of such instances may be intimated by shipping lines to Deputy / Assistant Commissioner in charge of DPD Cell, NS-III through email on daily basis (email address: appraisingmain.jnch@gov.in