Import of Washington Apples expected around 5.5 million boxes in 2016-17

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 06-04-2017        Tweet

CHENNAI: Washington Apple Commission, body representing the traditional apple growers and packers from Washington DC, expects to make shipment of around 5.5 to six million apple boxes this year, a top official said recently.

Exports to India stood at around three million boxes in 2015-16, Washington Apple Commission, International Marketing Director, Rebecca Lyons said here.

"This year (2016-17) we are expecting around 5.5 million to six million apple boxes or cartons. India is one of our largest markets outside United States", she told.

The Commission follows September-October as the calender year following the harvest season of apples back in US.

About 30 per cent of the crop comprise the "Red Delicious" variety which share the majority of exports to India. "In value terms the export (to India) is expected to cross $100 million this year. Our total export value when it was peak about two years ago was around $950 million globally", she said.

The apples reach Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata Ports from Washington after 30-35 days. For imports of the apples, almost 50 per cent is charged as customs duty.