JN PORT observes Swachh Bharat Pakhwada between 16-31 March 2017

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NAVI MUMBAI: As per the direction of the Ministry of Shipping 'Swachh Bharat Pakhwada' was organised at JNPT between March 16 and 31, 2017.

A community efforts were taken up where senior officers acted as ‘Leaders’ and ‘Change Agents’. It was a wholesome exercise not confined to cleaning but creating a sustainable environment to make all working area as a pleasant Centre work culture.

The special emphasis was given on cleaning the area used by the port Users, Families and visitors. The  Series of activities identified  like Cleaning of Wharf and sheds, Repair of Sheds, Auction and disposal of all unserviceable items, auction of unclaimed goods, Covering Tiles in open areas, cleaning of all the Toilets, Placing dust bins (of uniform colour) at regular intervals (50 meters interval), Boards – indicating cleanliness messages – Do’s and Don’ts, Painting / whitewashing all office buildings & residences with proper colour code, Cleaning of  all drainages & storm water system, Plantation in open areas, avenues and corners, Regular training to staff to generate awareness and inculcate the importance of clean environment, Removing unnecessary vegetation, Special cleanliness drive in office premises of the organization at regular intervals, Removing/weeding out of old records and files , Regular and proper cleaning of all furniture/fixtures and other office articles kept in the office/work station, Proper cleaning and upkeep of washrooms and corridors and other common areas in the office premises, Identifications and disposal of scrap material lying in the office premises of the organization.

The following activities during this pakhwada were carried out

1) The cleaning of wharf at JNPCT and sheds in the port area cleaned daily .

2) Auction and disposal of all unserviceable items

A) 12.6 Tonnes of e-waste/ plastic waste disposed on 17/03/2017

B) The total scrap material / e-waste/ hazardous waste / plastic waste received from the different section of approximately 22.5 tonnes.

C) On 21/22/03/2017 the total quality of 964 kg of used oil fitters, 667 kg of used hand cloves and cotton waste, 4715 liters (23 drums) of used oil and waste oil and 35 nos. of PVS/MS empty drums of Hazardous Waste has been disposed.

The total quantity of 30 tonnes scrap material/ e-waste / hazardous waste / plastic waste received on 24/03/2017.

3) Painting / whitewashing  to all residence building with proper colour code  The uniform colour code painting is given to the common buildings in the township i.e. MP Hall, Hospital, Officer club and Staff club

4) The plantation  activity is carried out in the township, in front of Administration Building, Training Center, and Guest House. The 500 palm trees and 2000 other plants were planted.

The plantation projects are undertaken and the sprinkler system introduced in front of Administration Building.

5) The covering of tiles on open spaces is carried out on the roads approaching Administration Building.

6) Boards indicating Do’s & Don’ts The -62 nos. of boards indicating dos and don’ts are placed inside the port area, township area, tank farm area, port roads etc.

7) The drainage of 10 Kms. stretch approximate is cleaned inside the port area. Apart from this drainage in the township and tank farm roads cleaned.

cool.gif Regular training to staff to generate awareness and inculcate the importance of clean environment -

The training to the staff and officers of JNPT, CISF employees, contract workers, truck drivers were given.

The approximate 550 persons in the above category were trained during the Swachhata Abhiyan.

The street play was organized in the township area by the school children on 24/03/2017 in which more than 500 township residents were present. The employees of JNPT has also organized street play at auto garage, Administration Building and port area on 31/03/2017.

The street play was observed by around 1000 employees,

9) Removing unnecessary vegetation- This activity was carried out inside the port area, township, and roads approaching Administration Building.

10) The total quantity identified for disposal of old records and documents in approximately 6 to 7 metric tonnes.

11) Removal/disposal of unused/obsolete articles. The above articles were removed from the passages, gangways in the Administration Building, Hospital Auto garage and Stores.

12) Dusting and vacuum cleaning of records in the record room on the regular intervals

13) Proper cleaning and upkeep of washrooms and corridors and other common areas in the office premises. This activity was carried out in all departments i.e. Administration, Finance, Traffic, Marine, PPD and M&EE departments and also at the common places at the township, hospital school.

14) Spray of disinfectant at appropriate places at regular intervals -This activity was carried out in the township area, port area at regular intervals through a specialized society.

15) Identifications and disposal of scrap material lying in the office premises of the organization- a) Around 64 MT of old scrap items identified from M&EE section and handed over to the stores.

B) Another lot of more than 100 Mt of steel scrap have been identified and kept separately in Auto garage for disposal

C) Approximate 25 MT of surplus pipes from Doosan contract identified for disposal.