CMA CGM to resume Bijagos Shuttle services linking India & Asia

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 18-04-2017        Tweet

...Personalised and unique product during seasonal export of cashews

MARSEILLE: CMA CGM Group will resume the Bijagos Shuttle service in addition to the current 26 direct Sub-Saharan Africa services in respond to the needs of its customers for a personalized and unique product during the seasonal export of cashews.

Starting May 25th 2017, Bijagos Shuttle service deploying two vessels of 1,100 TEU nominal capacity will serve every 15 days Bissau exports during the cashew season from May 2017 to August 2017.

The highest service standards on Bijagos Shuttle service will enable CMA CGM to offer an efficient and reliable service to Bissau Exporters. Indian Ports will be reached in 45 days, Vietnam Ports in 48 days.