MOL Liner to further reduce Greenhouse gas emissions by 2030

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 22-05-2017        Tweet

TOKYO: MOL Liner Ltd has unveiled the results of its environmental key performance indicators for FY2016 that examine greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide (Co2), nitrogen oxide (NOx) and sulphur oxide (SOx) based upon the company's new target to reduce these greenhouse gas emissions by 25 per cent by FY2030 compared to FY2014 levels.

MOL Liner also maintains an annual target to cut polluting emissions by at least one per cent each fiscal year, a company statement said. MOL Liner it said in a statement that it "places a heavy emphasis on minimising the environmental impact brought by shipping and dedicates resources and research to enhance efforts towards emissions reductions".

In FY2014, the carrier emitted 105.5 grams per TEU-mile of CO2, and aims to reduce that figure to 79.1 grams per TEU-mile in FY2030. NOx is to be cut from 2.37 grams per TEU-mile to 1.78 grams per TEU-mile, while the company aims to lower SOx emissions from 1.63 grams per TEU-mile to 1.22 grams per TEU-mile over this time frame. The Japanese shipping line added that it "recieved excellent results in reducing emissions in FY2016 and is making good progress towards the FY2030 (target) against (the) FY2014 goal. Improvements in shipping technology and precise monitoring systems have enormously lowered the amount of greenhouse gases emitted during vessel voyages".