APM Terminals Inland Services provides new community services in Chennai

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 23-05-2017        Tweet

Programs include access to safe drinking water, housing for flood affected villages and solar-powered street lights

CHENNAI: APM Terminals Inland Services South Asia has initiated several new programs to assist local communities in villages around Chennai in India’s Tamil Nadu State.

Inaugurated by APM Terminals India, Middle East & Africa Portfolio Head David Skov, these programs are  the latest example of the company’s commitment to building sustainable strategies for the people of the area near the APM Terminals Inland Services Chennai facility.

These efforts include providing assistance to tribal families affected by the floods by the establishment of new residential and sanitary facilities, and the installation of solar-powered street lights in the village of Anuppampattu.

APM Terminals Inland Services has also established three RO (Reverse Osmosis) plants to ensure safe drinking water for local villagers.  RO treatment plants are used to remove salts and other impurities from local water sources. Three RO plants with a combined capacity of 48,000 liters per day were installed at Anuppampattu and Uthandikandigai villages and will provide water for over 2,400 families.

Given the flood-prone nature of the region, APM Terminals Inland Services, in consensus with the village panchayats of Aladu, Nalur and Anuppampattu, equipped these villages with disaster rescue material. Material provided includes life jackets, lifebuoys, blankets, stretchers and first aid box, head lights, gum boots and rope.

“APM Terminals Inland Services is deeply committed to serving the communities in which we live and work by pursuing projects which are sustainable and have lasting positive impact for these communities”said Mr. Ajit Venkataraman, Managing Director, APM Terminals India Pvt. Ltd.