Evergreen recognized for Corporate Governance excellence for the Third consecutive year

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 29-05-2017        Tweet

Taiwan - The Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) recently announced the result of its third annual corporate governance evaluation of both listed and Over-The-Counter (OTC) companies in Taiwan. Evergreen Marine Corporation (EMC) is ranked among the top 5% of all listed companies for the third year in a row and is the only shipping company recognized for such excellent performance. Honouring outstanding contributions in this realm, TWSE presented the award to EMC Executive Vice President Eric Hsieh at a ceremony which took place at the Taipei International Convention Center.

In line with global trends, the evaluation highlights the importance of corporate governance and requires both listed and OTC companies to disclose not only financial data but also non-fiscal information. The KPIs included in this evaluation assess protection of shareholders' rights; equitable treatment of shareholders; board composition and management; information transparency and corporate social responsibility. This year a total of 843 listed and 653 OTC companies were appraised. Among the listed companies, as few as 21 joined EMC in achieving a rank in the top 5% for the third consecutive year.

In order to fulfil the requirements to attain a high standard of corporate governance, EMC invited senior accountants and lawyer to join the company's board as independent directors, calling upon their expertise to strengthen the board's managing and supervising functions. With regard to information transparency, EMC publishes an annual corporate social responsibility (CSR) report in addition to financial statements. The report enables EMC's stakeholders, including investors, customers and service partners to understand the implementation of the company's policies related to corporate social responsibility, business integrity, competition compliance and the comprehensive welfare of its employees.

Evergreen Group founder and Chairman Dr Y.F. Chang once said, "The ultimate goal of an enterprise is to contribute to the well-being of human life and to give back to society." EMC adheres to this philosophy, applying it in practice through support of various charities and social well-being activities.

In 2016 EMC continued in its efforts to sponsor charitable activities that illustrate the company's commitment to this philosophy. During the aftermath of an earthquake near Tainan City in Southern Taiwan, EMC supported the relief efforts of Chang Yung-Fa Foundation, the charity foundation of Evergreen Group named in honour of its founder. In addition, EMC also offered aid for the care of a Search and Rescue (SAR) dog injured in the line of duty; supporting its training and the equipment needs for future rescue missions.

Through other charitable activities, EMC donated servers and personal computers to schools in the mountainous Hsinchu County to enhance their online education capabilities. Furthermore, EMC continues to work with Chang Yung-Fa Foundation to promote maritime education in rural areas of Taiwan, encouraging poor students to pursue a maritime career in order to help improve their families' financial conditions.