JNPT soon to handle more than 40% import volumes under DPD

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 15-06-2017        Tweet

NAVI MUMBAI : Substantial cost and time savings in importing shipments through Direct Port Delivery (DPD) are driving back importers to Jawaharlal Nehru  Port from nearby ports.

Implementation of DPD has helped ease the clearance process of shipments, and congestion at the port, which gears up for the commissioning of the first phase of the fourth container terminal, which is under construction and is expected to be ready by December 2017.

DPD facilitates movement of import cargo as it helps deliver the shipment from the port to the importer’s warehouse or factory directly.

Many importers have welcomed this game-changing move and some more are looking at re-routing their containers from other nearby ports to JN Port. Clearance of containers, which used to take a week, takes up to 48 hours now.

Once the first phase of the fourth terminal is commissioned in December, Jawaharlal Nehru Customs House (JNCH) expects more importers to benefit from DPD. The overall share of shipments going through DPD is likely to jump by at least 10%, thereby bringing half of the imports under the scheme.

“The new terminal, when commissioned, will give a fillip to DPD as it will also have on-wheel container inspection facility. This facility will help in faster clearance of cargo,” said Dr John Joseph, Chief Commissioner of Customs, (Mumbai Zone-II), JNCH, who popularised DPD scheme among importers.

At present, authorities have to move the cargo from the terminal to another location or container freight station (CFS) to get shipments cleared by the Customs.

“If on-wheel container inspection facility is in place, 10% more shipments will come under DPD scheme,” added Dr. Joseph.