KoPT showcases promotional initiative for Nepal bound cargo

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 12-07-2017        Tweet

KOLKATA: An interactive Trade Meet was organized by Haldia Dock Complex on 07/07/2017 to showcase the various promotional measures and facilities offered by the Port for movement of Nepal bound cargo.

Shri. G. Senthilvel, Deputy Chairman, Haldia Dock Complex, Shri. Eaknarayan Aryal Hon’ble Counsel General of Nepal, Shri. Rathendra Raman, Chief General Manager, CONCOR were present and addressed the gathering in the Trade Meet.

Deputy Chairman, Haldia Dock Complex in his welcome address explained the various promotional measures taken for the Nepal cargo and emphasized the need for the Trade to look at Haldia for movement of Nepal bound container traffic. He stated that 10 days free time for road bound Nepal Containers & 20 days free time for Nepal containers to be moved by rail, introduction of concessional box rates for haulage & terminal charges etc. Yet adequate movement of Nepal bound Container traffic through HDC is not taking place. He requested the Trade to utilize the facilities available at HDC routing their cargo which ultimately will save their cost & time.

The Counsel General of Nepal expressed his concern about the high cost and delay in moving containers through Kolkata Dock System (KDS) and urged the representatives of the Nepalese Trade present in the meeting to utilize the services available at HDC which will benefit the Nepalese Trade as a whole through saving of time & cost.

Shri. Rathendra Raman, Chief General Manager, CONCOR informed the Nepalese Trade that as a promotional measure CONCOR reduced the tariff for movement of containers from Haldia to Birgunj and back and also agreed to carry even 60 TEUs directly from Haldia without levying additional freight. Further, he informed that flexibility of returning the empty boxes either at Haldia or at Kolkata is available to the Shipping lines. He also stated that there is no shortage in availability of rakes for Birgunj from Haldia and is committed to offer prompt loading of containers.

Shri. I.K. Ghosh, President of Nepal Cargo Handling Association (NECHA) assured all present in the meeting that the members of the Association & the Nepalese Importers & Exporters will be informed about the facilities and promotional measures offered by Haldia Dock Complex & CONCOR so that maximum volume of containers are mobilized through Haldia.

Capt. R. Mittal of Haldia International Container Terminal (HICT) the Terminal Operator of HDC outlined the inherent advantages of using HDC as the gateway port for Nepal. He informed the trade that loading / unloading operation of rakes can be completed within six hours and thereby ensuring faster turnaround of the rakes.

The representatives of the Nepalese Trade appreciated the promotional measures offered by HDC & CONCOR and assured to utilize the facilities available at Haldia to maximize the movement of Nepal bound Container Traffic.

Deputy Chairman, HDC concluded the session with a note of thanks to the Hon’ble Counsel General of Nepal, CGM, CONCOR, President of NECHA as well as the participants.