Jeremy Nixon appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Ocean Network Express

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 13-07-2017        Tweet

TOKYO: Mr. Jeremy Nixon has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the newly formed Ocean Network Express Pte. Ltd (ONE), according to a media statement.

Mr. Nixon was previously working as the Chief Executive Officer – Global Liner Management Division of NYK South Asia Pte. Ltd.

The other three Directors of ONE are Mr. Yasuki Iwai, Mr. Hiroki Tsuji & Mr. Noriaki Yamaga.

With a combined handling capacity of 1.44 Million TEUs, it would be ranked as 6th in the World according to media statement.

It will operate approximately 240 vessels including 31 Ultra Large Container Ships such as the world’s largest 20,000 TEU class. ONE is expected to commence its services from 1st April 2018 as per the release.