Shipping Lines' on-time performance improves in second quarter : SeaIntel

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 02-08-2017        Tweet

LONDON: Global container shipping lines’ on-time reliability in the second quarter improved from the first three months of the year, but was still down significantly from last year, according to maritime industry analyst SeaIntel.

On-time reliability in the April through June period increased 2.3 percentage points from the first quarter, but was down 10.4 percentage points from the second quarter in 2016. Reliability among the top 18 global container carriers, based on 38,995 vessel arrivals, was at 72.3 percent in the quarter, while the remaining 15 carriers improved their on-time performance.

The most reliable carrier in the quarter was Wan Hai Lines, with a reliability of 79.7 percent, and although Hamburg Sud’s performance weakened when compared to the prior year, it was still the second-most reliable carrier, with a score of 79.7 percent. Mediterranean Shipping Co. and Evergreen Line followed Hamburg Sud with scores of 77.4 and 77 percent, respectively.

The biggest improvement in on-time performance was on the Asia-US West Coast trade, with reliability up 17.7 percent quarter-to-quarter to 76.5 percent, although that level was still down 7.1 percentage points year-over-year. Niche carriers Matson (100 percent), Westwood Shipping (87.9 percent), and Evergreen (84.2 percent) were the top performers.

Reliability to the US East Coast increased 15.1 percentage points quarter-to-quarter, hitting 72.4 percent. That level was down 11.4 percentage points on a year-over-year basis.

The timeliest carriers to the US East Coast were Maersk Line (85.6 percent), MSC (85.6 percent), and Hamburg Sud (81 percent).

Asia-North Europe reliability improved 11.4 percentage points to 75.1 percent on a quarterly basis, although reliability was down 6.8 percentage points from the prior year. Evergreen, China Cosco Shipping, and MSC were the best performers, with scores of 82.2 percent for Evergreen and Cosco, while MSC came in at 78.8 percent. Asia-Mediterranean reliability also improved, rising 11.6 percentage points quarter-to-quarter for a score of 72.1 percent. That score was down 13.9 percent when compared with the second quarter of 2016. The best performing Asia-Mediterranean carriers were Zim Integrated Shipping Services, ANL, and Cosco, with scores of 84, 78.8, and 76 percent, respectively.