BCBA organizes Training Course for G Card examination of Customs

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MUMBAI: BCBA Training Course Committee organised a month long training on weekends for candidates appearing for G Category examination in two batches. The training course was held during weekends on the month of May 2017. The unique feature of the training course is that the employees of the members can learn from the best in the industry without interference in their daily work More than 130 candidates had enrolled for the said Training Course which is being conducted by training Committee of BCBA headed by Mr. Tej M Contractor, Chairman Training Course Committee under the guidance of Mr. Kiran Rambhia -Vice President.

The course programme was inaugurated by the President Mr. Ashish Pednekar.

While addressing the candidates, Mr. Ashish Pednekar said that his aim is to make learning an integral part of the BCBA calendar for the coming years and to give an opportunity to all the CB fraternity and their employees for upgrade their skills. This will be a unique opportunity to achieve skill sets from the only association in the Country which conducts such courses in such a professional manner and with such regularity. It is BCBA endeavour to ensure that each employee has an opportunity to receive the best training available in the industry.

The Candidates were very much appreciative for the top quality training imparted by BCBA with highly experienced and qualified trainers named Mr. Sachin D Shankpal, IRS Deputy Commissioner, Mr. A. P.  Kothari, Addl. Commissioner, Mr. Prashant Patankar, Mr. Viren Dayal, Mr. Sudhakar Kasture, Mr. Vishnu Sippy, Mr. Tej Contractor, Mr. Nirav Thakker.

The Training Course Committee Chariman, Mr. Tej Contractor appreciated the trainers contribution for devoting their time and resources for imparting training to the candidates.

Pursuant to the Training Course, question & answer session and short examination was also conducted in order to evaluate the knowledge and proficiency of the candidates. The Program received a good feedback from candidates for course and faculty stating that the course was very knowledgeable and was a great learning experience.

The valedictory session ended with high tea and interaction with candidates and faculty.

Practice Session / MOCK Test  - For G Category Written Examination Candidates

After the successful completion of G category training course held during the month of May 2017, BCBA further extended its support to the candidates by organizing a half day training in form of Practice Session / Mock Test for Preparation of written examination for 3 hour duration at BCBA Board Room om 22.07.2017. The practice session witnessed good number of candidates and it was a huge success.

Mr. Viren Dayal guided the candidates who attended the session.

This practice session has been conducted to help the candidates in preparing for the written exam in terms of practice and course contents as well. Mr.Viren Dayal, training faculty guided all the candidates and corrected their answer sheets with comments and suggestions for each answer and also solved their queries.

Practice Session / MOCK Test  - For Rule 6 Oral Examination Candidates

BCBA also organized a Mock session of 3 Hour duration at BCBA Board Room for candidates appearing for Rule 6 Oral Examination on 10.06.17 and it was a huge success.  The mock session was conducted by Mr. Viren Dayal, Mr. Nirav Thakker, Mr. Vishnu Sippy, renowned faculties of the BCBA Training Course Committee.

The practice session has boosted the confidence of candidates appearing the Rule 6 Oral Examination. The training session was followed by the interactive session between the trainers and the students. Knowledge of Custom Law, Custom Tariff and Trade practices were reviewed and refreshed to the students.  All latest notifications from Customs were discussed to refresh their memory.