Canada allows imports of Indian Pomegranates, Banana, Mangoes & Okra for first time : APEDA

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 28-08-2017        Tweet

India exported $0.69 million grapes, to Canada last year, after access was granted by that Country

NEW DELHI: Canada has allowed market access with certain conditions to Indian horticultural products like custard apples, pomegranates, okra, bananas, mangoes – this was relayed to the Indian industry by India’s Agricultural and Food Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) confirming the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s (CFIAs) approval.

The conditions for the shipments that CFIA has specified included – origin of the material be clarified in a detailed manner on the shipping documents and that the produce is free of soil, pests and leaves.

APEDA’s letter detailed, “interested exporters of above mentioned commodities are advised to contact the Canadian importers to start export from India subject to compliance of above mentioned requirements.”

The letter also clearly stated that exporters must keep in mind that packaging, labelling and other requirements pertaining to Canadian import requirements are met diligently.

It is not clear however whether access was granted to all the horticultural products mentioned above at once or separately in parts.

India exported $0.69 million grapes, to Canada last year, after access was granted by that Country. This was a growth of 32.59% compared to -36.83% growth seen in 2014-15.

There is the news that a sizeable quantity of pomegranates is likely to be shipped commanding good prices.

This positive development comes after the resumption of talks on free trade between the two countries after two years. Canadian and Indian officials are under discussions.