World Bank accepts Govt's reform claims in Ease of Doing Business, India's ranking likely to go up

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 13-09-2017        Tweet

NEW DELHI: The Government expects a double-digit improvement in India’s rank in the global index on Ease of Doing Business, likely to be announced by the World Bank next month.

A senior Government official said that the World Bank had shared its feedback, stating that it had accepted many of the reforms claimed by the Government. Last year, India's rank had improved by just one spot to 130 among 190 countries.

“The World Bank has acknowledged around 20 reforms among many more mentioned by us in response to their study … The overall ranking will depend on how other countries have performed, but we should come close to the 100 mark,” the official said.

The World Bank had recently finished gathering feedback from users for its Doing Business Report.

The cut-off date for implementing reforms for the study was June 1. Reforms implemented thereafter will not be counted for this year’s ranking. Reforms such as GST have not been taken into account as the impact is yet to be felt by users. But India is expecting these to reflect in next year’s report and significantly boost the Country’s position.