JNCH lays down procedure for Imports under DEEC/EPCG Scheme

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 14-09-2017        Tweet

NAVI MUMBAI : Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House (JNCH) has come out with a latest Public Notice No 118/ 2017 laying down specific procedures to be followed for Imports under DEEC/EPCG scheme. It states, “Significant time is being taken in assessment of Bills of Entry from date of filing in cases where the Bills of Entry are filed under DEEC/EPCG schemes. The main reason for the same is that the Bills of Entry do not contain details of registration/bond debit of advance/EPCG license as the same is required for extending the benefit of DEEC/EPCG schemes. It is also noticed that in many cases, the importer/CHAs are not having advance license/EPCG license or due to some other reasons, they are not able to get details of registration/bond debit even then they are filing Bill of Entry under DEEC/EPCG schemes. In view of above, it has been decided that henceforth, the Bills of Entry under EPCG/DEEC schemes shall be filed only when complete details of registration/bond debit are available with importer/CHA. In absence of the same, the Bills of Entry shall be filed as Bill of Entry for warehousing and the goods shall be bonded in the warehouse. Subsequently, when all requisite registration details/ bond debit details are available, such goods may be cleared under DEEC/EPCG license by filing ex-bond Bill of Entry”.

Any difficulty noticed in the implementation of the above instruction may be brought to the notice of the Additional Commissioner of Customs in charge of DEEC/EPCG schemes, adds the latest Public Notice of JNCH.