Sea based economy guarantees National Development : IRISL CEO

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 15-09-2017        Tweet

TEHRAN: In a ceremony which was held to honor World Maritime Day, Chief Executive Officer and head of the board at IRISL, Dr. Mohammad Saeedi extended his congratulations to the new manager of Ports and Maritime Organization.

Dr. Mohammad Saeedi referred to the "Connecting Ships, Ports and People" which has been selected as the World Maritime Day theme for 2017 and emphasized: maritime transportation is one of the significant indicators of countries’ economic development.

IRISL CEO remarked : utilizing of coasts capacity in South and North of Country is in need of sea-based development and homogeneous growth, he also added, sea-based economy will result in increasing security, boosting economic situation, establishing new markets and creating new jobs opportunities.

This official figure counted growing concerns over environment by IMO for optimization of maritime fleets as a paramount matter and stated: reviewing and implementing new regulations has always been one of the main concerns of ships owners.

In his remarks, IRISL Managing Director and Head of the Board pointed out to the implementation of JCPOA and the achievements it has brought about for the national fleet, and reminded: Thanks to the guidelines of supreme leader and the strategic management of president as well as professional measures taken by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, our national fleet is currently making the best of the potentials which have been created by JCPOA.

Referring to that JCPOA has removed one of the main obstacles ahead of our national fleet, he added, IRISL has managed to regain its lost share from the international maritime transportation.

He referred to resuming collaboration with authentic and world- class Classification Societies and receiving 10-figure reinsurance coverage as other achievements which have been made in post-JCPOA era and continued: in the light of these measures, IRISL could managed to revive its commercial position in the World.