Econship celebrates its 9th Foundation Day, launches Econ App

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 05-10-2017        Tweet

MUMBAI: Econship celebrated its 9th Foundation Day with the launch of their futuristic Android App on 8th Sept in Hotel ‘The Leela’ in Mumbai. The launch was attended and cheered by the stalwarts of the shipping industry and a large number of shippers and logistics professionals. Capt Rajat, the COO of the company, explained the philosophy of Econship’s success primarily resting on customer-centric services and leveraging of all possible tools of modern technology.

Capt Rath, the CEO & MD, espoused the big merits of technology and especially this Econ App, that has the potential to disrupt the industry processes in a positive way.

With a single click, a document or documents are captured, compressed, converted to PDF, and instantly submitted to its multiple handlers sitting in faraway offices and are actioned in a matter of minutes.  In addition, the customers get a free virtual cloud space to file, store, and retrieve this mountain of documents.

Documents like Shipping Bill, VGM, DG Declaration, MSDS, IPP, Deposit Slips, or even screen-pics etc are handled this way, doing away with the traditional practice of physical submission, scanned emails, couriers and so on. He claimed that, this feature has practically democratised the complex documentation process in our day to day shipping industry. The App has simplified other processes as well. For example, a new booking could be placed online in merely four clicks.

The vessel schedules or other variables are fetched automatically based upon the past data of the customer and the rate filed information during the negotiation process. He also declared that, they are in the midst of developing a technology, calling this the ‘Siri of Econ’, that would work on the principles of AI (Artificial Intelligence). The customer can ask any question on any shipment or container and gets an instant answer - doing away with the need for email or phone calls.

This Indian company has excelled and built a reputation for itself in its online shipping processes, way ahead of the global giants of container shipping.

Econship has grown steadily over the years as a premier NVOCC and has been a role model for others in the industry. It’s fleet are mostly brand new containers and are maintained to a very high standard of upkeep. The company has forayed into the vertical of carrying liquids & chemicals in ISO Tanks.

In last 8 months, it has garnered into service, about 200 brand new ISO Tanks. The company intends to be a serious player in this segment and aspires to be the first choice of carrier for its customer in its lanes of service. As a display of its commitment, the company has made a Capex for 100 new Tank Units for the next Calendar Year.

True to its core value system, Econship conferred 3 Tech Savvy Awards and 5 Excellence Awards. The recipients of the Tech Savvy Award went to Laxmi Organics, Skystar Logistics, & Winfield Logistics and the recipients of the Excellence Awards went to Jindal Steel Work, KS Group, Vivek Enterprises, Jani Shipping, & Velji Dosabhai. The awards were given by the stalwarts in the field of liner shipping, ship management, healthcare industry, and social work. It was a star studded evening with a free flow of delicacies, drinks, and  the powerful rendition of Indian music by Arsh Mohammad, a new upcoming playback singer in Bollywood, with a penchant for classical Sufi music. And not to forget a ‘Rap For App’  by Econship’s enthusiastic Sales Team - Composed by Mansur, sung by Prerna, choreographed by Sheji & Guru, and enacted by Prerna, Gurudev, Mansur, Seema, Sheji, Stervino, and Sarvanan, the release added.