'Bahri Oil Transportation Forum' in Dubai discusses Tanker market opportunities & challenges

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 16-11-2017        Tweet

DUBAI: Bahri, a global leader in transportation and logistics, recently hosted three of the world’s leading maritime transportation veterans and thought leaders at its annual Bahri Oil Transportation Forum, which was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, during the Bahri VLCC Week. Organized under the theme, ‘Tanker Market Opportunities and Challenges,’ the half-day event brought together major regional and global maritime tanker sector players under one roof to exchange thoughts and views.

The panel discussion, which attracted more than 200 guests from around the world, featured industry titans including Mohammed Al-Sarhan, Vice Chairman of Bahri, John ‎Angelicoussis, Chairman of Angelicoussis Shipping Group Limited, and George Procopiou, Chairman of DYNACOM Tanker Management ‎Limited. The panel was moderated by Michael D. Tusiani, Chairman of Emeritus.

The discussion covered important topics such as the current condition of the oil transportation and tanker market, threats and challenges to the industry and effective strategies to address them, financing and investments, public versus private, renewables and technology, biggest opportunities and future outlook, as well as some personal insights and backgrounds.

Panelists also highlighted the distinctive reputation and leading position Bahri enjoys in the market, in addition to the project of King Salman Global Maritime Industries Complex at Ras Al-Khair, and the role of the Government in supporting and instilling confidence in national companies, among other related topics.

Mohammed Al-Sarhan, Vice Chairman of Bahri, who possesses extensive experience in oil and gas, transportation and logistics, and other sectors, said: “We are very optimistic about the future of the oil tanker market and we believe that there will continue to be demand for this market.”

John ‎Angelicoussis, Chairman of Angelicoussis Shipping Group Limited, said: “Markets where the population is high and where there is a very high GDP growth, for instance China and India, are markets that are immensely helping our industry. These countries need more oil and they are far away from reaching the levels we are consuming in the region.”

“The Bahri Oil Transportation Forum provides us with a strategic networking opportunity to connect with key stakeholders and jointly share our views on our outlook for the industry. As market leaders, we consider it among our top priorities to lead the dialogue on industry trends, impact, and opportunities. We are proud to see the success of the event in being recognized as the voice of the oil tanker market that is dedicated to facilitating an open discussion on our achievements as well as shortcomings, and exploring ways to overcome them,” said Ali Al-Harbi, Acting CEO of Bahri.