APL launches new process - Empty Equipment Return DROP OFF for Nepal bound Imports via Kolkata Port

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 07-12-2017        Tweet

SINGAPORE: With a “Customer Centric” Focus, viewing the Logistical challenges faced by the Nepal Export-Import Trade causing delays in Import Equipment Return through the Rail Mode and as per the Representations made by the Nepal Export-Import Trade and the Nepal Logistics Community we have made a very important and Significant change in the Import Empty Equipment Return Process for Nepal Import Trade, informs a media statement from APL.

WEF 10th of DEC 2017 APL will allow EMPTY DROP OFF for all Nepal Bound Import Railed Containers at ICD Birgunj for a Nominal Fee of INR 3500/20 and INR 7000/40.

This Empty Drop off Facility is ONLY Applicable for All Import Bound Containers arriving Nepal ICD Birgunj under Merchant Rail Haulage from Kolkata.

The Laden Rail Haulage to ICD Birgunj, Nepal and the Empty Haulage charges from ICD Birgunj right upto our Empty DEPOT in Kolkata will continue to be under the Direct Costs, Risk and Responsibility of the Consignee and will need to be paid directly to the Rail Operator as per the current Process.

Consignee’s Responsibility is only over when APL Receives the Empty Equipment at its Empty DEPOT at Kolkata.

Benefits of this New Changed APL Empty DROP off Policy

•             Control over your Variable Shipping Costs ( Import Detention)

•             Removing the Uncertainties in Empty Return-Ease of Business.

•             Cost Savings on Incremental Detention Costs caused by Transportation Bottlenecks

•             Encouraging and Growing the Nepal Exports by cutting down on Empty Transportation Costs.

•             Enable Nepal Exporters to Source Empties for exports from ICD Birgunj for Rail Movement of exports.

Import Equipment Detention Free Time:

Your Import Equipment Detention Free Time will be applied as per the terms and conditions of the rate Agreement between the Shipper at Origin and APL as per the current Process. Your Agreed and Filed Free Time Customer wise should be able to cover you from the General Landing Date at Kolkata Port till the Empty DROP OFF at ICD Birgunj. Your Detention Clock Stops Once Equipment is handed over for Empty DROP OFF at ICD Birgunj, adds the statement from the company.