Coffee exports rise 17% in 2017 on higher production

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 04-01-2018        Tweet

CHENNAI: Coffee exports from India (January to December) rose by around 17 per cent in quantity to $958.80 million and eight per cent in quantity terms to 0.38 million tonnes. Re-exports saw a drop in 2017. In India, the domestic coffee's content in the instant coffee almost doubled in 2017. Exporters have said 2018 may not be as good as 2017 due to price and projected a drop in the crop.

According to Coffee Board's data total exports rose to $958.80 million in 2017 from $818.65 million in 2016.

Re-exports, however, dropped to 64,888 MT in 2017 from 79,034 MT in 2016.

India is Asia's third-largest producer and exporter of coffee. The major markets include Italy, Germany, and Russia. India ships both Robusta and Arabica varieties, besides instant coffee.

Of the total exports, India exported 77,770 tonnes to Italy, 41,064 tonnes to Germany and 29,531 tonnes to Russia during the year. Ramesh Rajah, President, Coffee Exporters Association said that the increase in coffee exports was mainly due to Robusta export, which sees a major jump. Production was also good during the year for Robusta.