First Inter-Ministerial group to discuss on National Logistics Plan today

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 12-01-2018        Tweet

NEW DELHI: As a first step to the ambitious National Logistics Plan, an Inter-Ministerial group on logistics will meet today, a top Government official said.

The National Logistics Plan is aimed at allowing seamless movement of inputs and finished goods across the Country. "The first meeting of the logistics Inter-Ministerial group will be held on January 12," Joint Secretary (Logistics) Anant Swarup said recently.

The group has been formed with various Ministries -- Railways, Shipping, Road Transport, Civil Aviation and Customs. The Country is looking to put in place the National Logistics Plan that will identify need gaps aiming to bring down the cost of logistics to international standards. Swarup said the action plan is likely to be put in place over the next 12 months. The plan would map the logistics requirements keeping in mind 2035 as the target year.

The logistics cost is believed to be making the Country's export uncompetitive. The Department will identify need gaps; reduce cost of logistics and align infrastructure development of various Central Ministries with one another.


The Department (along with two other agencies) has already begun a survey across various ports to determine the “dwell time” and ensure faster turnaround of goods.

According to Swarup, the idea behind this survey is to determine the time taken between goods reaching a port (export or import cargo) and the time taken by Customs to clear it.

The idea yet again is to bring down this time – faster clearances – and thereby reduce logistics cost.

It also intends to bring down the paperwork or the number of documents that are to be submitted at various points in order to bring down logistics costs. “By March we are expecting the first report on dwell time,” he said.