JNPT introduces transparent and people friendly PAPs policy

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 01-02-2018        Tweet

•             One member from each PAP family has been provided with employment

•             Delay to be reduced to minimum by well-laid down method

•             PSA's 4th terminal will generate local employment

•             JNPT-SEZ will open up local area for economic development

MUMBAI: Keeping in line with its focus on supporting the Project Affected People (PAPs), JNPT has put in place a transparent system, which gives a clear roadmap to concessionaire and PAPs for recruitment. Accordingly, at least one member of each PAP family will get employment with JNPT and other terminals. A well thought out employment policy has been framed.

With a view avoid any delay as well as misunderstanding, PAPs will be categorised as under:

Category A: Priority given to candidate whose family members have not been given employment in JNPT, NSICT, GTI.

Category B: Valid multi PAP certificates issued to one family. Once Category A is exhausted, multi PAP certificate families will be considered for more employment.

Category C: One valid PAP certificate and one job has already been provided. They would be considered only after Category A and B have been exhausted.

To make the whole system transparent, draft list of PAPs have been already displayed on JNPT website as well as communicated to all the 12 local village gram panchayats. The suggestions are called by 26th of Feb, after which the final list will be finalised and would be considered by concessionaires for employment.

Sharing the details with the media, Shri Neeraj Bansal, IRS, Chairman-in-Charge said that records of 3524 award holders have been identified. Out of that 959 award holders have been allotted land by CIDCO through e-lottery system.

The records of 325 award holders were missing and JNPT through continuous effort has succeeded in identifying another 197 award holders and only 128 award holders have not been traced so far despite efforts by all concerned.

"As a responsible corporate citizen and a Government undertaking, JNPT is firmly dedicated to the inclusive growth and has been encouraging the employment of local population to the maximum capacity.

Our endeavour is to make sure that all eligible people from the local area who are employable are accommodated," Shri Bansal added. He also shared the number of people employed by JNPT and its terminals over the years.

The new terminal- PSAs 4th terminal too has accorded priority to the employment of PAPs. In the first phase, out of the total recruitment of 165 employees till date, 92 are recruited from 18 local villages, out of which 52 are PAPs," Shri Bansal added.

With a view to improve the employable abilities of the local PAPs and other local population, JNPT is in the process of developing CIDCO - JNPT Multi-Skill Development Center to provide and impart proper technical training in different disciplines to PAPs and local persons in order to create suitable skilled labour force by improving/imparting necessary skill to cater to diverse requirements of labour for maritime logistics in Port terminals, requirements of Maritime and other industries, Port Users, Airports, Service Sector etc. in Maharashtra as per industry norms and Government Regulations, and to augment the future requirement for the skilled labour force in various disciplines, Shri Bansal further said.

The multi-purpose JNPT-SEZ that is coming up on the 277 hectare freehold land of JNPT is going to be a game changer for the local economy and its people, Shri Bansal said and added that already six companies have been allotted land through bidding process and another 15-20 plots will be allotted by February 2018. Total investment from first 6 units is expected to be around Rs 150 crore and expected to provide employment to 2150 people in the region.

'The interest of investors is very high among global investors for the proposed SEZ, and we are creating global standard infrastructure to attract these investments which will set up a value chain of economy in the local area leading to substantial economic activity and well-being of the local area", Shri Bansal said.

More than 20 companies have shown interest in setting up units and we will have more units announcing their planned investment by February this year, Shri Bansal disclosed.

JNPT is also actively involved in assisting the local fishermen community and is planning to develop the Fishing Hub similar to Sasoon Dock near Uran to create the opportunities of livelihood for the fishermen community which includes Port storages, fishing by modern equipment etc. A meeting in this regard will be held with the Commissioner of Fisheries and MMB shortly.