Pre-Budget expectations from Anil Yendluri - Director & CEO, Krishnapatnam Port

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 01-02-2018        Tweet

NELLORE: Mr. Anil Yendluri – Director & CEO, Krishnapatnam Port, in his pre-budget wish list expects the Finance Minister to keep the GST ratio for all supply chain activities should be same. Further it should be rationalized in a bid to provide uniformity across all sectors.

Secondly he is looking forward that the Agri Industries / Agri promotion incentives to be increased so that the current job scenario improves dramatically and such exports and imports get a fillip. Further the Income tax slab rates should be further eased so that consumption improves and pushes up India’s International Trade profile.

And lastly the GST documentation should be further simplified so that companies spend less time on filling up duplicative data. The process will also turn efficient and win more backers within the industry.