Recent changes in Customs Act would promote Trade Facilitation : CBEC Chairperson

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 07-02-2018        Tweet

NEW DELHI: Chairperson, CBEC, Ms. Vanaja N Sarna emphasized that customs duty enhancement in nearly 45 items of mass consumption in Budget 2018-19 are meant to push 'Make in India' and should not be seen with the perspective of protectionist tendencies.

This move is not at all inflationary and that it singularly aims at promoting 'Make in India' in items of huge mass needs as each MSME would want to take part in the phased manufacturing programme of India as per which manufacturing requires to be encouraged in smaller items such as mobile phones and their parts, auto parts, candles, watches and so on so forth, she stressed.

Ms. Sarna also added that recent changes and modifications made into Indian Customs Act would promote trade facilitation and, therefore, progressive steps on this front have been introduced in the Budget 2018-19.

Similarly, several other measures have been inducted in the Budget proposals for the next fiscal so that the flow of trade and services is expanded rather than restricted, felt Ms. Sarna.