Lift & Shift delivers 18 Critical Equipments for Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) - Al Zour Refinery project

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 12-02-2018        Tweet

MUMBAI: Agility Logistics of Abu Dhabi had awarded Lift & Shift India Pvt Ltd., a contract for Inland Transportation of 18 critical equipments from L&T - Hazira and ISGEC - Dahej manufacturing yard for delivery under ship hook at Adani Port in Hazira and Adani Port in Dahej respectively.

From L&T - Hazira to Adani Port – Hazira : Twelve equipments fabricated by L&T ranging between 200 to 270 tonnes were supposed to be delivered at Adani Port - Hazira in 2 shipments of 6 numbers each. This movement of equipments were done on 14 hydraulic axles lines in convoy of 2/3 trailers. Due to heavy traffic congestion at Adani Port during working hours, this movement was meticulously planned by Lift & Shift and use to begin at 5.00 am with the help of RTO and police authorities for its timely delivery.

From ISGEC - Dahej to Adani Port – Dajej : Six equipments from ISGEC – Dahej were supposed to move to Adani Port in two shipments. Since these equipments were of super-sized & over dimensional, they poised a herculean challenge to transport on public road for a distance of 15 km from ISGEC fabrication yard to Adani Port, Dahej. In fact many minor and major power shut downs approvals were obtained from Gujarat Electricity Board in order to move these equipments. Co-ordinating and synchronising the transportation of equipments within proposed power shut down dates was a challenge by itself, which was meticulously executed by Lift & Shift. The scope of work included transport of equipment from ISGEC to Adani Port – Dahej, roll on to barge including Sea study calculations, trailer bending calculations, ground load strength calculations, engineering load out operations, lashing and sailing the barge to Mumbai for final delivery to ship.

Challenges overcome by Lift & Shift

1. Jetty height – Existing RoRo Jetty height at Adani Port, Dahej is 2 m above the silt level whereas the barge height were 4.3 & 4.9 m. Lift & Shift challenge was to match the Barge height with Jetty height. To overcome this challenge the company meticulously arranged ramp and an approach to keep the slope of the road sufficient for undertaking the roll on when the height of the jetty was raised by 2.3 & 2.9 m within 24 hrs.

2. Tidal Restrictions –  Barge berthing & sail out required a minimum of 9 m tide and were available 2 times a month and only for 6 to 8 days. Due to these restrictions, the ship was informed of the loading dates so they would arrive post the last tide so that the ship does not go into detention. Further, the challenge was to load, lash and sail the barge within the tidal window since each shipment required 2 barges.

3. During 1st shipment, a 3rd barge was squeezed into load 1 cargo between 2 barges. Berthing, loading and sail out of 3 barges of different heights within 6-8 days tidal window was a difficult task that too with alterations in ramp height. Handling of 3 barges in 6-8 days has never been performed in Adani Port at Dahej. The jetty was prepared to handle the biggest barge first followed by the smallest barge of another party and then the second barge of Lift & Shift.

To overcome this challenge, the team of Lift & Shift planned overall operation in advance and executed it with a very tight timeframe with round the clock activity of team to achieve goal and resulted in last barge sailing 1 day in advance.

4. For transportations of these mammoth equipment from ISGEC yard to Adani Port - Dahej, the company modified route for smooth operation. Since the first shipment was to be transported just as Monsoon ended. The rains extended into October just before transport of the 800 tonnes Crude Distillate column which resulted in damage to the temporary civil works done. To overcome this situation, civil works was re-done and additional heavy duty plates were arranged and placed on the modified area, so that the axles do not get stuck into the soft and lose soil. The entire project was executed during the last quarter of 2017.

Finally – a well executed Project by Lift & Shift Lift & Shift has always strived to see that their customers are satisfied and thrilled with the execution capability, informed a statement from the company. We once again performed & thanks to our dedicated & hardworking team. The entire operation was executed in the utmost professional, safe and timely manner by us.

This goes without saying that for us to achieve this task the support that came from our clients like Agility, Adani Port, Gujarat Electricity Board, Mathew Daniel (MWS) and other supporting systems made it a feasible for a timely delivery, emphasised the release.

Speaking about the well executed assignment by the company, Mr. Mohammad Jaber (COO - Agility Abu Dhabi - PL-Regional Director MEA) congratulated the Lift and Shift team for their excellent, efficient and on time safely execution of transportation inspite of all challenges. Similarly, Mr. Maen Barakat of Agility Project Logistics – Kuwait, appreciated Lift & Shift’s efforts for making timely and safe delivery of cargo.

Capt. Ashish Singhal, VP - Adani Port, Dahej said, “I have not seen such dedication, team work and planning for moving such equipment at Dahej Port.”