DNV GL plans to use block chain for maritime certificates

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 15-02-2018        Tweet

TOKYO: Classification society DNV GL plans to put all its maritime certificates on block chain increasing transparency.

DNV GL is already transferring maritime certificates to an electronic format and the move to block chain is expected to follow.

“We’re not there but it is something we are planning to do. We have all class certificates ready to go electronic and we have done 50,000 certificates now, and the next thing will be to do it with block chain,” DNV GL CEO Remi Erikson said recently. He said that with electronic certificates owners were “not that far away” from having certificates on block chain. With electronic certificates owners have a unique code to access the certificates, which are stored on a DNV GL system. With block chain the certificates would be stored on a private block chain with changes only able to be made with the agreement of all parties signed up to the particular block chain. “It is 100% transparent,” he said. DNV GL is already using block chain for ISO certificate storage.