India shifts export focus to processed fruits, vegetables for better gains

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 23-02-2018        Tweet

NEW DELHI: India is gradually shifting its focus from the export of fresh horticulture products to processed ones for better realisation and to beat the stringent import quality norms set by West Asian and European countries. Data compiled by the Agricultural and Processed Food Export Development Authority (Apeda) showed an over 15 per cent decline in export of fresh vegetables to $581 million during April-December 2017 from $686 million in the year-ago period. Export of processed vegetables, however, rose 3.9 per cent to $197 million during the period from $190 million in the same period last year. Similarly, export of fresh fruits declined 4.3 per cent to $391 million during the first nine months of the current financial year from $408 million a year ago. Shipment of processed fruits and juices rose 8.3 per cent to $460 million during the period from $425 million in the year-ago period.“Many countries have imposed stringent quality norms, which make it difficult for exporters of fresh fruits and vegetables, since most shipments are done by medium-scale traders. In case of processed fruits and vegetables, however, the involvement of the corporate sector brings with it an adherence to quality. Hence, shipping of fresh fruits and vegetables is gradually becoming challenging but exporting their processed variants is easier,” said Mr. Ajay Sahai, Director-General and CEO, Federation of Indian Export Organisation.