JNPCT leads the cargo dwell time improvements at JNPT in January : DLDS report

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 26-02-2018        Tweet

MUMBAI: The latest productivity analysis released by DMICDC Logistics Data Services (DLDS) shows JNPCT led cargo dwell time improvements at the JNPT in January, aided by much faster export handling, as a result of new yard cranes.

The state-owned terminal shortened its overall, average dwell time to 46.5 hours in January from 65.5 hours in the previous month, representing a 29 percent improvement.

Further, the report said JNPCT improved its average dwell time for exports to 73 hours in January, from 102 hours in December, whereas it had no change on the import front, maintaining 24.4 hours.

“This [dwell time] improvement [at JNPCT] is majorly due to reduction in export cycle dwell time of both train and truck. The container clearance was done efficiently for both truck and train bound containers, which led to this reduction in dwell time,” DLDS stated.

 “However, the overall import cycle dwell time has not been affected as train bound containers in import cycle accounts for only 9 percent of import traffic of the JNPT region port terminals,” DLDS concluded.

In fact, JNPT has just completed re-equipping its own terminal (JNPCT) with 15 new electrically-powered, rubber-tire gantry cranes (RTG), bringing the total RTG deployments there to 27. It is expected that this upgrade will facilitate speedier and smoother cargo-handling at JNPCT in the coming months.

JNPT handled 4 million TEUs from April 2017 through January, up 7 percent year over year, with January volume hitting a new monthly high of 418,406 TEU, JOC statistics show.