NHAI to build Intermodal Stations in 15 cities

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 27-02-2018        Tweet

NEW DELHI: The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has conducted detailed pre-feasibility studies for setting up Intermodal Stations at Nagpur and Varanasi, and the development of DPRs for this is in final stages of completion. Fifteen cities across the Country have been prioritized for development of IMS.

Intermodal Stations are terminal infrastructure which integrate various transportation modes like rail, road, mass rapid transit system, bus rapid transit, inland waterways, etc, so that people can move from one mode to another seamlessly.

Multiple benefits exist in developing Inter-Modal stations over standalone terminals.

Inter-modal stations witness higher footfall than is aggregated transport terminals. The implementation and operation of the IMS will be done by a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) between Ministry of Road Transport & Highways through National Highways Authority of India , Ministry of Railways and respective State Governments. Members of the SPV will provide paid up capital or land as part of their equity contribution to the SPV. Detailed master planning is being finalized along with road augmentation plans and required modal integrations. Stakeholder consultations are being conducted across key agencies and local administrations for both Nagpur and Varanasi.