CBEC to approach GST Council to avail powers for rectifying mismatches in IGST refunds : CBEC Member

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 05-03-2018        Tweet

NEW DELHI: Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) would soon approach GST Council to empower its key functionaries and officials to rectify mismatches in returns filed by traders and businesses to avail refund of IGST wherever GSTN is unable to tally such mismatches with customs site on grounds of technicalities, according to its Member (Customs), Mr. Pranab Kumar Das.

Speaking on Refunds on Exports / Deemed Exports under GST Mr. Das clarified that under the current GST regime customs’ officials are unable to intervene on matters relating to mismatches arising out of GST returns filed by traders and businesses for refund of IGST on exports on the one hand and the systematic validation or certain particulars with GSTN and customs ICEGATE.

“This has led to either delays in IGST refunds in certain cases.  Therefore, the Department of Finance would soon approach the GST Council in its forthcoming meeting and seek its approval to enable customs officials to rectify mismatches so that IGST refunds are quickly deliver and businesses are enabled and better facilitated”, indicated Mr. Das.

Mr. Das called upon the traders and business community to be meticulous in their return filing as also be honest as GST refunds are systematic driven process and a minor mistake here and there could delay the process of refunds though the Government is trying its best to sort out refunds related problems with empowering its officials with powers to rectify mismatches.