Bharat Mumbai Container Terminals salutes female staff on International Women's Day

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 08-03-2018        Tweet

NAVI MUMBAI: PSA’s Bharat Mumbai Container Terminals India Private Limited (“BMCT&rdquoblink1.gif is proud to have female employees working in almost every department in the company. The company’s 13 female staff passed the same rigorous selection process as all other employees, including tests in the fear of heights, aptitude, psychometric and medical. They are based in various departments such as Commercial, Engineering, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Operations and Engineering, and are trained according to the high standards of the PSA Group. Marking its commitment to equality, BMCT is the only container terminal in India to employ female equipment operators.

Among the female staff, eight trainees in Operations, Information Technology and Engineering departments are trailblazers in their own right. JNPT Project Affected People (“PAP&rdquoblink1.gif from nearby villages, they have had little or no exposure to a job; but rose to the challenge of working in a state-of-the-art container terminal.

Ms. Sanjam Sahi Gupta, President of Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association, India (“WISTA&rdquoblink1.gif appreciates BMCT for making a concerted effort to help the industry groom more women, especially in roles traditionally considered a man's job.

“Diversity may be disconcerting but it will help the port sector recruit untapped talent, obtain fresh perspectives and possibly innovative solutions."

Mr. Suresh Amirapu, CEO of BMCT, added, “We are very pleased with our women employees who have admirably imbibed our vision of a safe and productive work environment. That they rapidly grasp the nuances  of what have been traditionally considered male-oriented jobs is particularly satisfying. On the occasion of International Womens Day, we are happy to host WISTA and appreciate their efforts in encouraging women to take up jobs in the shipping industry, while breaking new grounds in other fields as well.”

At BMCT, Container Equipment Specialist (“CES&rdquoblink1.gif trainees receive theoretical lessons as well as practical instruction on the latest equipment simulators, before going for on-the-job training to enhance their skills. They must pass tests before being deployed on quay cranes and rubber-tyres gantry cranes. Some trainees also have the opportunity to widen their work exposure at BMCT’s sister terminal Chennai International Terminals Private Limited (“CITPL&rdquoblink1.gif.

CES Trainee Ms. Sarita Koli says, “I feel proud to work with BMCT. A positive work environment makes me feel good while I do my work. This workplace environment – one that is challenging, supportive, innovative and energetic – has made me independent and motivated. It is a great learning experience of my life and I am very happy to be associated with PSA.”

Another CES Trainee, Vaishali Tandel, describes her initial experiences, “I really did not know what the port was and what working in it would be like. Since joining the company, I have learnt so much that it cannot be expressed in words. The company gave us a chance to go to Chennai for training. What is a vessel, what is a container… I got to understand them very well.

As a girl, I am grateful for the opportunity to work. Today I can proudly say that I am a quay crane and rubber tyre gantry operator at BMCT.”

CES Trainee Ms. Pratiksha Mhatre says, “I thank BMCT for giving me an opportunity to work with them. I feel very happy to be associated with the PSA group. The company sent us to Chennai for training and to work in a live environment. That was a new and good learning experience for me. Initially I was nervous about whether to do this job, but our trainer and senior operators were there to help and guide us. Today my family and I can proudly say that I work in BMCT as an operator.”

For those who came with a different work experience, the nature of the job was no deterrent. 

CES Trainee, Ms. Bhavana Bhoir says, “Before joining PSA, I worked with a shipping line and handled different tasks and responsibilities. I had no practical knowledge about the environment in a port terminal. Now as an operator, I am gaining knowledge of port operations, improving myself and molding my career. I am happy to work with new technology and well planned infrastructure.”

CES Trainee, Ms. Darshana Patil shared a similar experience, “I started my job as a bank clerk. When I joined BMCT as an operator, I didn't know what is a port, vessel, yard or equipment. BMCT gave me the opportunity to learn about these and many more things. I have enjoyed working with our company. Never in my life would I have imagined that I would take part in BMCT as a crane operator, gain skills and good experience. The culture of this company is great and everyone I work with is amazing. The atmosphere here is one of co-operation and support, which I think is rare in today's workplace.”

Balancing home and career is the forte of every woman. It is inherent in them, akin to multitasking. Women at BMCT are all achievers in their own way.

CES Trainee, Ms. Priyanka Thakur, mother to a 10-month-old child, says, “Working in an MNC like PSA as a crane operator and knowing nothing about port operations initially felt really intimidating to me, but senior trainers like Anwar Sir made the whole training easy. Being a mother of a young child and managing my job well is a bit cumbersome but it was made possible by my supportive colleagues and seniors, and also by my parents. I am thankful to PSA for letting me experience something that I would otherwise never have tried in my life.”

BMCT also recruited a trainee in the Engineering department who, with her dedication and hard work, has already proven to be an asset. Ms. Aishwarya Kadu, who holds a Bachelors in Engineering degree in Electronics and Telecommunications, plans maintenance schedules for BMCT’s large fleet of container handling equipment.

Ms Kadu says, “I find myself lucky to be a part of this big project, getting an opportunity like this is a dream come true. I am blessed with a chance to work alongside the engineering extraordinaire possessing exceptional intelligence. Being surrounded by sweet, humble, decorous people with copious knowledge. All around, there is a lot to learn, gain and shape myself. Glad to be a part of this amazing team and PSA.”

With a zest like none else, our trainee in Information Technology, Ms. Trisha Thakur works in close coordination with other departments, given the heavy reliance of a container terminal on IT. Holding a Bachelor in Engineering Degree in Computers, she is an SSRS developer and says, “This is my first job at BMCT. Before joining, I had basic knowledge of SQL but now after working on so many databases, I can say that I have good knowledge of SQL. In addition, I have developed an application using .NET technology. Soon I will be handling inventory. With new tasks and challenges, I have become a more confident person and have added writing queries and coding to my skillsets. Overall it’s a perfect blend of IT applications and multiple fields which is enhancing my capabilities to a level I never dreamt of.”

BMCT was officially opened by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 18 February 2018.