Commerce Ministry may split farm export policy into two for early implementation

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 20-03-2018        Tweet

NEW DELHI: The Commerce Ministry is examining the possibility of coming up with an early edition of the proposed Agriculture Export Policy with measures to stabilise exports and imports — such as minimising export restrictions instead of waiting for approvals for the financial component of the proposal.

“Since consultations with stakeholders for financial measures take a lot of time, one line of thought in the Ministry is that we leave that for later and put out a draft only on the non-financial component.

“A final call on the matter will be taken by the Commerce Minister,” a Government official has said.

Commerce and Industry Minister Suresh Prabhu had earlier indicated that his Ministry will put up the draft Agriculture Export Policy online at the earliest so that all stakeholders can give their comments on the matter. This would ensure the final policy includes the best suggestions.

“If it is decided that the policy will be segregated into two, we will waste no time in circulating the draft of the first part of the policy that will not contain fiscal measures. The idea is to do all that we can as soon as possible,” the official said.