SAL HEAVY LIFT and SAI MARITIME once again successfully pull off a difficult operation with ease and panache

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MUMBAI: SAL HEAVY LIFT and SAI MARITIME once again successfully pull off a difficult operation with ease and panache.

Mv Annemieke (built April 1998 – 9549 mts DWT – 2x275 mts Cranes + 1x150 mts combinable upto 550 mts SWL) was in perfect position to perform a coastal voyage from Kollam to Kattupalli. Fixture negotiations were quickly done , and in record time, Specified Voyage License was obtained from The Director General of Shipping, thanks to the on-line application procedures and Ease of doing Business initiatives.

A brief report, in his own words, from Mr Manikandan, Branch Manager, Sai Shipping Chennai , who attended the operations at Kollam and Kattupalli describes the challenges faced during loading operations; The main unit Dredger was fitted with Cutting Lader, A Frame and 2 spuds which had to be removed from the Dredger with the help of vessels crane and Stevedores  before loading the main unit.

First the 2 spuds were dismantled, then A frame and Cutter ladder from the Dredger which went smoothly.

When the vessels cranes started to lift the Dredger (declared weight 358 m tonnes) and it was barely a few centimeters  from the water level when the ships crane scales showed total weight of nearly 400 m tonnes . 

Master asked the shippers to check whether is there any ballast water / fresh water on board the dredger that was adding to the total weight which turned out to be  more than 45 Mts ballast water. This  was pumped out and the crew prepared  fresh slings with more lifting capacity to attempt the lifting next day. While  lifting  Master again noticed that the one crane scale was showing  around 240 Mts and the other crane scale was  around 176 which was  close to the crane’s permitted level.  However, Master knowing the capabilities of his vessel very well, informed  that he will go ahead with the lifting and finally it was successfully lifted and placed on board.

Given Master’s, Chief Mate and crews strong experience in handling such operations, the lifting of the dredger was completed in 5 and half hours, which was subject to the technical challenges this lift caused.

I believe the successful loading happened solely because of an experienced Master and his crew. Master also stated that lifting this unit was significantly more difficult than usually.

General cargo operations went smoothly without any hurdles.

Shipper’s  stevedoring team also did a very good job for loading all  cargo successfully.  The entire  Kollam Team congratulated the Master, Chief and crew members for the successful loading operation .

In Kattupalli , the vessel berthed on arrival and discharge operations went very smoothly.  First the main dredger off-loaded at sea side and assembled with Cutter lade, A frame and Spuds.

This is the first vessel handled at Kattupalli Port by Sai Shipping, who has recently registered as Agents.

This cargo operation was the most difficult one I have ever seen and this was executed with great experience from the Master and Chief officer, concluded Mr. Manikandan.