Mr. Eli Glickman, ZIM President & CEO, speaking exclusively with Daily Shipping Times

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 27-03-2018        Tweet

You have taken over the reins of ZIM since last 8 months? How has been your journey at ZIM so far?

It has been a fascinating voyage. ZIM is a truly global company, relying on the expertise and experience of its professional employees from across the world. ZIM is very unique in many ways, operating in a very challenging business climate, and I believe we have managed to create a strong momentum, allowing us to look optimistically to the future.

ZIM has posted a significant net profit growth in the first Nine month of Current Fiscal year 2018. What factors attributed to this growth?

First and foremost it was the strategy we have pursued since 2017. Operating as an independent company, not part of any global alliance enabled us to create a self-reliant network of lines in select trades where we have a competitive advantage. Next, our focus on Customer Service, digital services and innovations, along with efficiency measures, all contributed to our performance.  

The Operating Margins of ZIM are the best among the major shipping line Worldover? How do manage to keep your margins high and are those sustainable?

Again, it is a part of our vision and strategy – to excel and be the very best in everything we do, in the face of very challenging market conditions. We strive to maintain this level of performance in spite of these conditions.

ZIM aspires to be a digital leader in the Global Shipping Industry? Can you please spell out your strategy for achieving this end?

We aim to become a leader in the shipping industry by nurturing an array of technologies and initiatives all aimed at creating a digital transformation in ZIM. We have recently appointed a Chief Digital Officer, tasked with the mission of fostering innovation and technology in all aspects of our operations. Our vision is to combine top-notch technological solutions with a personal and dedicated service to our customers

Most of the Shipping Expert expects the mergers and acquisition to continue in the current year as well? Would you endorse this view and why?

I believe most of the large scale changes in the industry were already completed. More changes are expected but not on the same scale. The industry should aspire for stability and it is responsibility of all carriers.

ZIM is present in India for more than 12 years now through its fully owned subsidiary with offices in more than 16 locations. What are your future expansion plans in Indian market? What is message to the Indian trade?

India is a top priority for ZIM. We see the huge potential of the Indian economy, and will invest many resources to develop and expand our offerings, in service of the Indian economy and trade. I’m certain ZIM can do great things in India.