Exporters shift focus on smaller shrimp to meet global demand

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 05-04-2018        Tweet

KOCHI: Rising demand for smaller shrimp is compelling Indian seafood exporters to tweak their shipments to suit the global palate. India has been traditionally strong in the big-size farmed shrimp ranging from 20 to 40 counts per kg, but now they are encouraging farmers to go for multiple harvests to meet the requirement for small shrimps, which could help the farmers in the long run.

“Sharp decline in the sea-caught shrimps, especially from Kerala, which are generally of small size is one reason for this. Farmed shrimps are filling up the vacuum,’’ said Kenny Thomas, MD of Jinny Marine Traders.

Small shrimp lend themselves to many value-added shrimp products. “You can’t make Japanese dish sushi with big shrimps,’’ said Thomas.

Exporters said it is a win-win situation as farmers get paid for multiple harvests while they will be able to export more consignments. India is currently the top supplier of farmed shrimps in the world. Among the shrimps imported by the US, the share of Indian shrimps is 40%.