Chennai Port to have a dedicated berth for bunkers

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 13-04-2018        Tweet

CHENNAI: In an attempt to diversify sources of income Chennai Port is setting up a dedicated bunker berth in order to tap the immense potential for bunker fuels in the East Coast Chairman of the Port P Raveendran announced at a news conference last week.

It is proposed to construct a 181 meter long bunker berth at Bharathi Oil docks near the entrance of the port at an estimated cost of Rs 44 crores. The final clearance for the project was issued recently he said.

There has been demand that the Chennai Port taking advantage of the calm seas outside the port should start supplying bunker fuel to ships to diversify its sources of income. Singapore port earns substantial revenue by providing bunker fuel to ships.

Both the container terminals of the port are geared to handle 8000 TEU capacity container vessels after the completion of capital dredging in Ambedkar docks and Jawahar dock basins. The alongside depth at the container terminals is now 15 meters after the completion of dredging.

Construction of coastal berth to handle one million tons of additional cargo at the northern sheltering arm with exclusive road leading to it will be commissioned in the next two months.