Avana Logistek aims to provide end to end customised logistics solution to customers

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 03-05-2018        Tweet

MUMBAI: A technology-enabled logistics company, Avana Logistek Ltd is the result of the unification of Shreyas Relay Systems Limited and Balaji Shipping Lines FZCO.

By leveraging the expertise of both parent companies, Avana aims to create a model that uses technology to make accurate predictions, ensure efficiency, focus on automated operations and simplify logistics across the Indian sub-continent and the Middle East.

Mr. S Varadarajan, Managing Director – Avana Logistek in an exclusive interview with Daily Shipping Times ...

Congratulation to you on leading this new entity named Avana Logistek, a merger of as Shreyas Relay Systems & Balaji Shipping? Can you throw some light as to what kind of services can the trade expect from this newly formed company?

Avana is an Integrated Logistics solution provider offering customised logistics experience to the Domestic and International Trade and customers. Our services include Coastal container service, international liner service, cold chain, warehousing and distribution. Our business model is technology enabled, environment friendly and aims at providing end to end solution to our customers.

What was the strategy behind forming this new entity?

With the strategic integration of SRS and BSL the need was to being about a single brand service across the global market. This resulted in we rebranding our company as Avana Logistek and Avana Global so as to bring a uniform service experience to our customers.

What are the Top Most priorities of this newly formed entity?

The one top priority of our company is to provide a special AVANA service experience to our customers. We would like to provide a uniform experience across our service network. We will  use technology to make accurate predictions, ensure efficiency and simplify logistics across value chain.

Where do you see Avana Logistek one year down the line?

Our business plan is to provide end to end customised logistics solution to our customers. In this journey we have just started the two new segments cold chain and 3 PL services. As we move forward, We will use technology effectively in our business enabling us to scale up and be flexible in our approach. Then customer requirements is our business model .

A lot of technology disruption is off late seen in the logistics and maritime industry across the globe? How do you plan to embrace such technologies at Avana Logistek?

Technology has disrupted many business and Logistics is also going to face this. As a company the very acceptance of this itself by AVANA is clear example of our intention to embrace technology to enable us service our customers effectively. A lots of steps is already taken by AVANA in re-engineering our processes and focus on automation. We have already signed up with Oracle for their ERP which shall get implemented in the coming months. The development of customer portals and apps are already in final stages which will give an edge to us .In order to service our internal human capital AVANA has already implemented Ramco HRMS. A large and dedicated team is working on our technology enhancement.

How is the Indian logistics sector changing in India according to you given the Government’s thrust on this sector and more so after acquiring Infrastructure status last year?

The ease of doing business and technological advancement in our Country is moving in right direction. We have seen many improvements which earlier were just dreams for us.

Efficient logistics makes Countries more competitive. India has done extremely well on this front and this can be seen with great improvement in India’s ranking as 35 as per LPI.

What is your message to the Indian Trade?

The ability of India to move cargo and connect consumers with trade has improved significantly in the these years however still we are far from the top.

Reliability is the key in logistics and it commands a premium. In developing countries like us improving logistics is what will result in reduction of costs.