JNPT to focus on generating solar energy

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 08-08-2018        Tweet

•             8.5 lakh units generated to save Rs 1.2 crore

•             JNPT can generate up to 822KW

MUMBAI: The Government of India has set an ambitious target of installing 1 lakh MW of solar capacity by 2022 with a view to promote clean energy and reduce dependence on petroleum and diesel which create pollution.

JNPT in its own way is modestly contributing to this noble exercise by installing solar energy panels at JNPT facilities. The port has installed solar power panels on several rooftops in its township and commercial premises to generate solar power and reduce dependence on traditional energy sources.  This is supported by a 15 per cent subsidy from Solar Energy Corporation of India (part of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy).  

The project has total capacity to generate 822 Kilowatt power at peak performance. JNPT hospital generated the highest at 2.7 lakh units of electricity followed by admin building 1.7 lakh units, port user building 1.2 lakh units, shopping complex and maintenance office 1.06 lakh units taking the total to 8.5 lakh units electricity generated during 2017-18 which has resulted saving electricity expense of Rs 1.2 crore till March 2018.

JNPT has installed solar power plant at St. Marry School, IES School, PUB, Admin Building, IES School, Officer Club, Staff Club, MP Hall, Shopping Complex & Maintenance Office and Hospital.

Commenting on the solar energy programme, Shri Neeraj Bansal, IRS,  Chairman, JNPT said, “Generation of clean energy and reduction in the consumption of polluting energies is a need of the hour. India presents a very good chance of generating alternate green energy and JNPT is keen to generate maximum solar energy for its captive consumption and reduce its dependence on traditional energy to the extent possible”.

JNPT recently launched Mobile Environmental Monitoring Vehicle to update on real time air quality monitoring of the air as part of its clean environment move at JNPT, said a release.