VesselsValue: 44 % of 2018 orderbook yet to be delivered

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 06-11-2018        Tweet

LONDON : Out of 1,966 vessels scheduled for delivery in 2018, only 1,100 have hit the water so far this year, resulting in 44 pct of the 2018 orderbook outstanding, data from VesselsValue shows.

Out of the three top shipbuilding countries, China still has 50% of their 2018 orders to deliver within the last two months of the year. Compared to Japan and South Korea, where 25% and 28% of their respective orderbooks is currently outstanding, Chinese yards could potentially slip 446 vessels into next year’s delivery schedule.

South Korean shipyards have already delivered 160 vessels out of a total 221 scheduled for delivery this year. Concentration of deliveries are in the tanker and LNG types, with 37 tankers still left to be delivered out of 128, and 8 LNG vessels out of a total 35 orders. However Korean yards have only managed to fill one offshore order, still intending to launch 3 MODUs, 1 OCV and 1 OSV by the end of 2018.

Even though Chinese yards dominate the offshore newbuilding orderbook, securing 291 orders for delivery in 2018, not all is as it seems. 76%, or 221 vessels and rigs, are still to be delivered by the end of the year.