Commerce Ministry highlights Performance of States on EODB

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 02-01-2019        Tweet

NEW DELHI: In all Sixteen States have implemented 75% or more of the 340 reforms based on Implementation Score in Business Reform Action Plan 2016.In Business Reform Action Plan 2017-18, 18 States have achieved a combined score (Reform evidence score and Feedback score) of more than 75%.

The Ease of Doing Business initiative of the Government is achieved through Business Reform Action Plan wherein the endeavor is to make the processes simpler and transparent, reduce the timelines for various regulatory approvals and eliminate physical interface between the department and the business with the ultimate aim of increasing investments in the States and Union Territories (Uts).

This information was given by the Minister of State of Commerce and Industry, C. R. Chaudhary, in the Lok Sabha.