DGTR recommends anti-dumping duty on import of chemical from Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand

Posted by Daily Shipping Times on 07-01-2019        Tweet

NEW DELHI: The Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR) has recommended anti-dumping duty on a chemical used in paint and printing industries, originating in or imported from Brazil, Indonesia, and Thailand for a period of five years. Citing injury by undercutting and depression of prices of the domestic industry due to the dumping of the chemical the trade remedy body under the Department of Commerce has recommended imposing duty between $0.235- 0.906 per kg. The Finance Ministry will take the final call to impose the duty. Imposition of the duty would help guard domestic players from cheap imports of 'non-plasticised industrial grade nitrocellulose damped in isopropyl alcohol having nitrogen content in the range of 10.7-12.2% from the three countries.